A family business, with a clear goal: to offer the best dairy products, reaching the highest quality standards.


Lácteos Aurora S.R.L started its activities in the middle of the year 2002 in the city of 9 de Julio, Buenos Aires province, at that time the firm staff was made of only two employees and the two owners. Back then, only whole milk in sachet was commercialized and it was mainly destined to the city´s local market.

After a while and with the impetus to generate new products, are added to the portfolio: dough to make mozzarella cheese and cheeses.

Due to the quality of the raw materials, the used supplies and the constant improvement of the processes, the commercialization zone expands, which causes an increase in the demand of our products.

In November of 2009, the production in the new processing plant starts, located in a ground closed to the factory zone of the City of 9 de Julio. It is equipped with new technology, equipment and infrastructure that allows to ensure the quality of the elaborated products fulfilling all the established rules.



A family business, with a clear goal: to offer the best dairy products, reaching the highest quality standards.

Our wish: being able to reach every point of the country, through the joint work between the company, distributors, chains of stores and supermarkets.









The milk that we use to elaborate the products is obtained from rigorously selected milking yards located in the Cuenca del Oeste.

Permanent controls over the raw materials received are carried out (Milk´s chemical composition, somatic cells count, bacterium’s re-count, detection of inhibitors, etc.) so this way we can guarantee the harmlessness and quality of the products.

Insured the quality of the raw materials, another factor that impacts on the conservation and uniformity of our products, is the quality of the ingredients that we use for its composing, the containers and packaging that protect and keep their qualities.

The selection, development and evaluation of our suppliers is a process that assures this goal.


We count with our own logistic for a whole country distribution.


Cheeses WITHOUT TACC (gluten free)

All mozzarella, tybo, cream, port Salut and cheddar cheeses, in all presentations of
every brand produced by Lácteos Aurora S.R.L. are suitable for celiac.

This means they don´t contain T.A.C.C (wheat, oat, barley, rye) and therefore they can be included on any celiac person´s diet.


SENASA (cheese factory)

Lácteos Aurora S.R.L. is certified by:

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and FisheriesNational Service for Agri-food Health and Quality

Directorate for the Safety of Products of Animal Origin
Nº OFFICIAL: B-I-05350








To be a national level leader establishment on processing the best quality bovine milk and from this one on elaborate in its factory, dairy products with efficiency and quality levels similar or higher to the ones from more advanced countries at this item, developing human resources as suitable people in the assigned position and able to overcome the established performance levels.


To turn Lácteos Aurora S.R.L. through its brands, into a national and international recognized company for its competitiveness in the quality of its products, customer service and marketing prices.

For that reason, it assumes the commitment of fully satisfy its clients, integrating the suppliers to the quality process, preserving the environment and applying good manufacture practices and implementing new technologies, all of it supported by a recognized trajectory in the management of our company with a professional and highly efficient management.

To respond to the change processes, it is essential for all of us who are part of this company to get involved in the fulfilment of the requirements. Therefore, we set ourselves these goals:

1) To implement and maintain a Quality Management System, with the purpose of ensure the fulfilment of the requirements promoting a continuous improvement.

2) To qualify and train our staff, generating awareness about quality and efficiency.

3) To access the national and international market in a competitive position and with reliable quality products, to achieve the full satisfaction of our clients.

4) To generate job positions that allow to improve the socioeconomic conditions of the population located in its area of influence.


The Management of Lácteos Aurora S.R.L. promotes this policy for it to be understood, implemented, applied and maintained at all the company levels.

Trust: it´s the ability to prove that the functions and ranks of responsibility required at a specific moment of the organization can be deposited in the person, even from the beginning of the employment relationship.

Responsibility: it´s the capacity and wish to guide the personal behaviour in the indicated direction for the needs, priorities and goals of the organization.

Team Work: it´s the ability to actively participate in the achievement of a common goal, even when the collaboration leads to a goal that it´s not directly related to the own interest.

Communication: it´s the capacity to express, whether it is oral or written, ideas and opinions in a clear and correct way towards the rest. Likewise, it is valued the active listening, that is to say, to show interest in the interlocutor´s message, asking about the messages that are not clear and being alert to reactions and analysing them.

Discipline: it´s the attitude to adapt to politics and organizational processes, searching for information about the changes in the competent authority.

Adaptability: it´s the attitude to modify the own behaviour in order to reach certain goals when difficulties, new data or changes in the environment arise.

Achievement orientation: it´s the worry about working well or to compete to overcome a standard of excellence.

Resolution: efficiency and agility to give a solution to detected problems, without waste of time, undertaking necessary corrective actions with common sense, sense of cost and initiative.


Lácteos Aurora develops its management on the area over the premise that the success as a company lies in owning suitable Human Resources for the achievement of the proposed results. Therefore it´s considered of singular importance their development through constant training.


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Write us to: contacto@lacteosaurora.com


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Juan B. Justo e/Compairé y Laprida
9 de Julio – Buenos Aires – Argentina


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