Type of cheese and maturation

The Tybo Cheese is a matured product obtained from the coagulation of milk through appropriate coagulant enzymes, complemented by the action of specific lactic bacteria. It is a medium humidity and semi-fatty cheese.

Sensory Characteristics

Semi-hard consistency cheese. It is characterized for its lactic, soft and slightly salty taste. Its texture is firm, closed and elastic. It presents a colour from white to yellowish. Its smell is delicate and nice. It presents an excellent ability to slice.

Forms of consumption

Cut in slices or cubes as an ingredient of sandwiches, empanadas, soups and all kinds of hot meals; as an ingredient of salads; as table cheese to accompany fast meals, cold cuts and sausages; as dessert in complement with jams and fruits.

Gluten Free

All Mozzarella, Tybo and Cream cheeses in all presentations of all brands produced by Lácteos Aurora S.R.L. are apt for celiac.


The product is marketed by weight in bars of approximately 4,5 kg. Approx.


Only wholesale

We only carry out wholesale sales to Supermarkets and Distributors.


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