Type of cheese and maturation

Type of cheese: soft
Time of maturation: 20 to 30 days

Sensory Characteristics

Fatty cheese, high humidity, half-cooked mass, molded, pressed, salty, stabilized and matured.
Its texture is smooth, closed and uniform; it may eventually present little holes uniformly distributed.
Soft mass, of elastic consistency, of uniform white-yellowish colour. Sweet taste and soft lactic aroma.

Forms of consumption

From its origin as an accompany of quince jam or sweet potato jam, typical dessert served at the Province of Buenos Aires´s pulperías, it has evolved to its culinary application for the elaboration of many meals, for its elastic texture and high percentage of humidity it is the chosen one to melt over pizzas, pies and gratinated vegetables.

Gluten Free

All Mozzarella, Tybo, Cream and Port Salut cheeses in all presentations of all brands produced by Lácteos Aurora S.R.L. are apt for celiac.


It is marked by weight in: Plates of approx. 4,5 kg. Approx.


Only wholesale

We only carry out wholesale sales to Supermarkets and Distributors.

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